Started in 1975, Catholic Engaged Encounter is an international Catholic marriage preparation program with communities in over 100 diocese throughout the United States, and hundreds around the world. Every person involved with Catholic Engaged Encounter is a volunteer – that is to say there is no paid staff at any level of Catholic Engaged Encounter.

We are an energized community of volunteer couples whose common bond is our belief in the sacrament of marriage and family life. We provide a working weekend retreat format designed to create a focus on private couple communication

Catholic Engaged Encounter of Stockton, Inc., offers a 2-day commuter retreat presented on select weekends throughout the year. Our retreats are presented using parishes facilities instead of a traditional retreat center, therefore couples are required to travel to the facility each day, and are required to provide their own overnight accommodations. Other  local communities provide a 3-day retreat, which include overnight accommodations and run Friday night to Sunday afternoon. 

 Catholic Engaged Encounter focuses on communication in your relationship. You will learn new tools for listening, writing, and enhancing your communication with each other. The retreat is one of beginnings, of planting seeds, and of opening doors. We encourage you to reach within yourselves to discover or reinforce the belief that your marriage is forever, that love is forever, and that God wishes to be forever present in your sacramental relationship.

 Whether you attend a Catholic Engaged Encounter weekend in Stockton, CA or in Cochabamba, Bolivia the topics discussed are exactly the same. Our ministry is recognized by the Vatican and is part of the Pontifical Council Laity.

Attendees are couples of all faiths – usually planning to marry in the Catholic Church.  Last year more than 100,000 couples participated in Catholic Engaged Encounter Weekends throughout the world. They deepened their communication, reinforced their commitment, and strengthened their love for a lifetime together.

Catholic Engaged Encounter of Stockton, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization. Donations made to Catholic Engaged Encounter of Stockton, Inc. are tax-deductible.